Get Your Wish Granted

If your life-threatening illness have prevented your dream event from coming true, then we can fund your event if your application is approved. Recipients must be diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, or are facing a life-altering circumstance, and lack the resources to fulfill their dream event themselves. All applications will be considered providing they meet the eligibility criteria. All applications must be supported by medical proof of the illness.

If your application is approved then through our extensive network of volunteers and event professionals, who are willing to donate or work at cost, your wish will include: an event or wedding planner, photographer, cake, florist, venue, catering, videographer, officiant, stationery, guestlist (not to exceed 50 people), wisher's hair and makeup, music, and transportation (not to exceed three people). It is important to note that wishes are not granted during the weekends (i.e. it exclude Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) and public holidays. No alcohol is allow at the venue and all gifts are provided as tangible goods or services. It is important to note that each event may vary as wish supplier participation is based on an opt-in basis.